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My Magical Hijab (Children's Book)

My Magical Hijab (Children's Book)

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Teach Hijab To Your Child

"Hi, Salam! My name is Mina. My Mama surprised me with a magical Hijab on my 13th birthday and it was the best day of my life! Come join me on a sparkling adventure to discover how my Magical Hijab has a special ability of changing colors."

My Magical Hijab is a rhyme book that teaches many life themes to children: including Hijab, friendship, family, cleanliness and faith. 

Mina's "My Magical Hijab" is a great way to educate your children about Hijab through powerful and colorful illustrations, because Kids love colors! In fact, studies have shown that incorporating colors into learning materials can enhance children's memory retention by up to 55%. This phenomenon, known as the "color effect," indicates that visual hues can significantly improve a child's ability to process information. This is precisely why we designed Mina's superpower to be that her Hijab changes colors, and we also associated those colors to fun and memorable experiences.

When Mina eats a grape, her Hijab turns purple:

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