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Buy the Mina Bundle

Buy the Mina Bundle

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The Best Way To Teach Hijab To Your Child

My Magical Hijab is a rhyme book that teaches many life themes to children: including Hijab, friendship, family, cleanliness and faith. It is the first book, part of the "Adventures with Mina" series which introduces a 13 year old Hijabi superhero into mainstream pop-culture.

Mina's "My Magical Hijab" and Plush doll is a great way to give positive representation to our children, because Kids love colors! In fact, studies have shown that incorporating colors into learning materials can enhance children's memory retention by up to 55%. This phenomenon, known as the "color effect," indicates that visual elements and the use of colors can significantly improve a child's ability to process information. This is precisely why we designed Mina's superpower to be that her Hijab changes colors, and we also associated the colors to fun and memorable experiences. For example: When she eats a grape, her Hijab turns purple:

Mina Plush Doll - A Hands On Experience:

With one base Rainbow color and 4 other colors to choose from: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple your child can have the creative freedom to change Mina's Hijab into the color of their choice. Research has demonstrated that hands-on learning experiences can increase a child's retention and understanding of new concepts. This active learning approach allows children to engage multiple senses, fostering deeper connections and more profound understanding of the subject matter.

Mina is the perfect addition to any young girl's dream collection! She's fun, playful and made to teach Hijab to our daughters from a young age. Crafted with soft, premium materials and featuring a comfortable Hijab that is easy to dress, remove and creatively replace, Mina has become a staple household item.

Get your Bundle today and give your child an education and fun experience they can cherish for years to come!

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