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* Palestine Plush Doll (Kuffiyeh Edition) 🇵🇸 🍉

* Palestine Plush Doll (Kuffiyeh Edition) 🇵🇸 🍉

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1. 100% Net Proceeds To Help Children in Gaza 

2. Access Early Bird Price ($24.99 vs $29.99)

3. Ships June 7th (Batch 2)

Limit: (Max 5 Plush Dolls Per Person)


Introducing Mina as a Palestinian Doll that features an exclusive Kuffiyeh Hijab and an embroidered Palestinian Tatreez dress. Mina is the first and only Palestinian Plush doll for children and families to embrace. #CulturalDiversity

Mina is 10 inches tall and crafted with soft premium materials.

95% Polyester and 5% cotton.

Net Proceeds will be donated to HEAL Palestine (PCRF'S WING). A charity on the ground in Gaza, providing ongoing medical aid and nutrition for Palestinian children. 

(Net proceeds means after all expenses, overheads and fees have been deducted, the remaining sum will be donated to HEAL Palestine)


Pre-Order Batch 1:
🇺🇸 USA: Ships May 15th
🌐 International: May 19th

Pre-Order Batch 2:
🇺🇸 USA: Ships June 7th
🌐 International: June 8th

---> In June, The Plush Goes Public At $29.99  <---

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