Did You Know Children in Gaza suffer from PTSD?

Did You Know Children in Gaza suffer from PTSD?

In moments of tragedy, the human spirit faces an undeniable test of resilience and unity. As a Hijabi mother residing in the United States, my heart aches for the mothers enduring unfathomable loss and anguish in Gaza. The pain is shared across oceans and borders, transcending any geographic boundaries.

Losing a child, regardless of the circumstances, is an unimaginable tragedy. The recent bombings in Gaza have ripped families apart, leaving mothers shattered, grieving, and grappling with an unfathomable void. It's devastating to witness the aftermath, knowing that countless families, Palestinians and non-Palestinian are navigating the heart-wrenching reality of losing their beloved children.

In the midst of such harrowing losses, we're compelled to count our blessings. Living in the comfort of our homes, under a secure roof, with access to basic necessities like water, electricity, and safety, we're reminded of the privileges often taken for granted. The stark contrast between our relative security and the turmoil faced by families in Palestine should stir a profound sense of gratitude within us.

I was scrolling on Instagram today and came across a video of two Palestinian children who survived Israel's bombings, yet were left traumatized and battling PTSD. It's real! It's a haunting reminder of the urgent need to shield our children and reinforce love and strength upon them. It's the least they deserve.

Amid these trying times, it's imperative that we come together as a community, standing shoulder to shoulder in support of those affected. Our solidarity holds immense power; it's a beacon of hope amidst the darkness.

Supporting Muslim and Palestinian-owned businesses, and boycotting Zionist brands like Starbucks, Zara, Coca Cola and McDonalds serve as a vital means to strengthen and uplift our community. By channeling our resources towards our community led businesses, we not only foster economic growth but also reinforce a sense of unity and empowerment within us.

#FreePalestine from the Muzzy team.

- Lama 

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